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About Me

I’m my greatest self in nature.

I grew up on a dusty dirt road in New Hampshire with parents that taught me to respect nature and the earth.

I was always in the woods with dirt under my nails, moving around in it. Not much has changed.

Nature literally pours out: into my photography, and I love it. I can’t stop it either.

It’s a divine sigh, for sure.

Whether I’m in the studio, photographing people, or editing my work, nature is always present.

Reach out if you want to colab and make something beautiful.


‘But it all comes to the same thing: peace in our time. A measure of success in this is all well enough, and perhaps is a requisite to objective thinking, but too much safety seems to yield only danger in the long run. Perhaps this is behind Thoreau's dictum: In wilderness is the salvation of the world.  Perhaps this is the hidden meaning in the howl of the wolf, long know among mountains, but seldom perceived among men.’



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Mountain Base Yoga

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